Employee Testimonials

Our employees tell our story best. What do the members of the Northern Metalic team have to say about why they love working here?

“I enjoy the friendliness and atmosphere of our office. I love working for Northern Metalic because the company gives me the hours and flexibility I need to both raise a family and continue in my career.”
Janelle Bueckert, our Receptionist who has worked for Northern Metalic on two separate occasions for a total of 7 years; the first was before she had a family, and the second was when she returned in 2011 after her young children had grown

“What’s different about working for Northern Metalic is that our people take pride in helping customers. We’re given the ability and latitude to solve our customers’ problems. There’s nothing better than seeing a customer leave with a smile on their face.”
Bob Law, our Order Desk Manager who started a second career at Northern Metalic 8 years ago after being a self-employed plumber for most of his working life

“You are always learning at Northern Metalic – new products, new services, new customers – which makes work interesting and fun. The management team is very good at training and teaching employees so our knowledge and customer service makes us stand out.”
Kari Krahn, our Customer Service and Cash Counter who joined the Northern Metalic team in 2012.