Our People

Our success over the past 45 years has been fueled by the energy, enthusiasm and dedication of our employees. They not only share Northern Metalic’s commitment to responsive customer service – they helped shape it.

At Northern Metalic, our employees define who we are and the relationships we build with our customers. Our team is eager and entrepreneurial. We take initiative, share our knowledge and find the products and solutions to address your needs.

Being a locally owned and operated company means it is easy to create a local experience for our customers. We get to know them and their business. They’re the people we run into at the grocery store or at a community event. Our children attend the same schools and play on the same sports teams.

Our decisions on pricing and inventory are made right here in Fort. St. John. The Northern Metalic team will always observe, listen to and learn about you, and then source and stock the products and solutions we anticipate you’ll need. That means immediate solutions and responsive service tailored to you and our community.

Even with our large inventory of products, occasionally you’re looking for a new or unique item we don’t carry. Just because a product isn’t in stock doesn’t mean our conversation ends. Our employees are empowered to go out of their way to find and bring in what you are looking for.

What do our employees have to say about their approach to service?

“No matter what position you have at Northern Metalic - whether it’s working with our customers or in an internal support position like me - we take the time to get to know the people we work with. Understanding someone’s needs always leads to better service.”
Linda Rector, our Accounts Payable Manager who provides service and support to the different companies and departments in the Northern Metalic group

“Northern Metalic has grown to meet the needs of our customers and community. We’ve been an active force in Fort St. John for more than 4 decades. All of the decisions on the products we carry and the stores we open in Fort St. John is made right here.”
Ken Knight, our Purchasing Manager who has been a part of the Northern Metalic team for more than 28 years

“When you do business with Northern Metalic, you’ll never be restricted only to the products you find in a catalog. We will source and order any product our customers want at any time.”
David McDougall, our Sales Manager who leads the outside sales team for Northern Metalic, AAA Safety and Northern Metalic Hose and Rigging

“We deliver anything, at any time, to anywhere. I enjoy getting out and talking with our customers, and helping them get the answers and products they need.”
Ryan Gilmore, our Delivery Driver, who always ensures our customers get their orders quickly and efficiently.